Tailor made for you

Classical Ballet

Imagine dancing with grace,lightness,agility and flexibility to beautiful music..Progress toward dancing in the center starting from simple structured exercises.

Contemporary Dance

Express your inner emotion in different kinds of movement quality,choreography and some dance routines. Fun,strong,fluid,lyrical. Enjoy being creative and let your self free!

Workshop and Master Classes

You are looking for a tailor made workshop for your school,students and organizations. We have worked with dance and non dance students. Contact us with your special wish!

One on One

Feel completely empowered working on your specific goal and learn in your own speed. The time is decicated for your personalized dream class!


What people are saying

"Sensitivitiy to the needs of dancers"

I love Natsu's training because of her sensitivity to the needs of the dancers in the room. She curates her class to not only warm us up and challenge us to grow,but also to help us cultivate a sense of mindfulness and inner awareness.Physical and mental prowess is what makes her class unique and rewarding to take.
Michael Garcia
Professional dancer

"She's the best teacher I ever had"

Natsu curates her class very varied and interesting.She is very motivating and is an outstanding teacher. For me after 10 years of ballet,she's the best teacher I ever had.
Johannes Jurko
Dance Student

"Natsu's trainings are always a joy to be a part of!"

I love her clarity in corrections and how he small exercises in the beginning build up my body in a way so I feel very prepared for the center.Her class also allows me to really dance and enjoy being myself. It's a very safe place and I feel like I always gain so much!
Kate Gee
Professional Dancer

"We could not have been happier with the results!"

She is a very competent teacher and showed great skill in setting a choreographic piece on students with wide variety of experience. Her inviting character attracted the interest and kept the concentration of the students- as directors we could not have been happier with the result . Natsu's long and enriched career elevates her above other teachers.
Laura Macias and Gavin De Paor
Directors of Palma Dance Theater

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